260 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, MB R2L 1M2

Kyu Snack Box: 204-306-8009
Kyu Grill: 204-615-8828

Kyu Snack Box


Buttery-Tangy-Spicy Chicken Box presented by
Chef Calvin Truong

Crispy Breaded Chicken coated in our BTS Hot Sauce. Served with Jasmine Rice, paired with Sweet Soy Roasted Potatoes & Spicy Kimchi Cucumbers.

Kyu Grill

Hot Buff Po’ Boy
Presented by Chef Paul Moralina

Crunchy, breaded buttermilk chicken, roasted pepper buffalo sauce, kewpie mayo, mango sauce, lettuce, pickled onions sandwiched in our signature Hero Bun.

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