2021 Google Map of participating restaurants (many 2022 restaurants are on here still but it’s not current for this year, please note.)


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Fried Chicken Fest 2022

Fifth Annual Fried Chicken Fest, January 13-22: Resolutions are over now (if you had them)

January 10, 2022 (Winnipeg, MB) – Fried Chicken Fest celebrates 5 years of delicious competition to find the best fried chicken in the city. From January 13-22, the first food fest of the year will kick off with restaurants participating across Winnipeg offering their best fried chicken dish to food lovers who welcome a challenge. There are currently a record number of restaurants signed up with a few more still expected. This year’s event during yet another round of COVID restrictions means Fried Chicken Fest is again driven by the goal to support Manitoba restaurants and all the people who make up this important industry in our provincial economy. 

“Winnipeg’s restaurants are still struggling. This year’s Fried Chicken Fest gives people a fun way to enjoy their favourite food and help support the restaurant industry,” Chef Allan Pineda, co-organizer of Fried Chicken Fest said.

Participating restaurants offer a unique fried chicken dish only for the week of Fried Chicken Fest. Dishes are presented to showcase their culinary skills and offer a unique flavour experience. Fried chicken lovers will be excited by the possibilities—from the spices to the crunch, from the flavour to the presentation. Fried Chicken Fest goers are encouraged to try as many dishes as they can and vote for their favourite online at friedchickenfest.ca. Last year’s winner, Meal Set Bistro, will be defending their title this time around too. 

Foodies and fried chicken lovers are encouraged to visit the website for up-to-date restaurant information and to follow Fried Chicken Fest on social media. 

Website: https://friedchickenfest.ca

Social media:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/friedchickenfestwpg

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chickenfestwpg

Instagram: @friedchickenfestwpg

Participating restaurants for 2022 so far include: 

Cocoabeans, Rae’s Bistro & Lounge, Four Crowns Restaurant, Junction 59 Roadhouse, Moxie’s Kenaston, St. James Burger & Chip Co., Velvet Glove Restaurant, The Wood Tavern, Brazen Hall, Little Bones Wings, James Ave. Pumphouse Food & Drink*, The Merchant Kitchen, Magic Bird Fried Chicken, Nicolino’s, 1928 Eatery & Pub*, Kyu Bistro, Kyu Snack Box, Kyu Grill, Kyu Bochi, Yard Burger, Cibo Waterfront*, Block & Blade Restaurant & Bar, The Tallest Poppy, Shark Club, Fionn MacCool’s Crossroads, The Good Will Social Club/Khao, JOEY Polo Park & Kenaston locations*, LOCAL Public Eatery, Roughage Eatery, Fionn’s Grant Park, One Great City Brewing Company, Charlee’s Restaurant, little goat, Promenade Cafe and Wine, Roo’s*, Smitty’s Pembina & Grant*, Capital Grill Broadway & Roblin locations, Wienerpeg*, Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge (Regent)*, Smitty’s Pembina South*, Crspy Bnch, and Sea Level 100*.

*new for this year

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