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Fried Chicken Fest 2021

Fourth Annual Fried Chicken Fest Runs January 16-23: We Know Your Stretchy Pants Are Ready

January 7, 2021 (Winnipeg, MB) – The 4th annual Fried Chicken Fest swoops into Winnipeg January 16-23 with the ultimate competition to find the best fried chicken in the city. The first food fest of the year kicks off with participating restaurants serving up their best fried chicken dish to eager foodies who will seek to try as many dishes as they can and vote online for their favourite. There are currently 20 restaurants signed up with more expected to join as Fried Chicken Fest’s popularity continues to grow. This year’s event during COVID restrictions means Fried Chicken Fest is in full support of the #saveMBrestaurants campaign and message too. 

“Winnipeg’s restaurants are struggling and we look forward to seeing their creative entries that will entice people to enjoy Fried Chicken Fest at home,” says Chef Allan Pineda, co-organizer of Fried Chicken Fest.

Participating restaurants will offer a unique fried chicken dish only for the week of Fried Chicken Fest. Dishes are presented to showcase their culinary skills and offer a unique flavour experience. Fried chicken lovers will be excited by the possibilities—from the spices to the crunch, from the flavour to the presentation—what will be the most exciting feature of each fried chicken creation?

“In a time where our business has been reduced to a single source of revenue, we encourage Manitobans to participate in these spirit-raising events in order to support our local restaurants,” say Nia Ross, director of social media at the Manitoba Restaurant and Food Association. “The nature of Fried Chicken Fest is a great way to enjoy some new and exciting flavours from local restaurants with a product that travels very well to your home.”

Fried Chicken Fest goers are encouraged to try as many dishes as they can and vote for their favourite online at friedchickenfest.ca. Last year’s winner–Capital Grill Broadway–will be defending their title this time around too. 

“It’s so important to support our restaurant industry and Fried Chicken Fest is one way we can still do that during the pandemic,” says co-founder Susie Erjavec Parker. “I have been working to share the #saveMBrestaurants social media campaign during this Code Red and Fried Chicken Fest has always supported local restaurants so that message is more important than ever this year.” 

Foodies and fried chicken lovers are encouraged to visit the website for up-to-date restaurant information and to follow Fried Chicken Fest on social media. 

Website: https://friedchickenfest.ca

Social media:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/friedchickenfestwpg

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chickenfestwpg

Instagram: @friedchickenfestwpg

Restaurants signed up thus far are:

Rae’s Bistro + Lounge

St. James Burger & Chip Co.

Four Crowns Restaurant

Shark Club

Tommy’s Pizzeria (NEW for 2021)

Junction 59 (NEW for 2021)

Cocoabeans Gluten-free

One Great City Brewing Co

Promenade Cafe and Wine (NEW for 2021)

Kyu Bochi

Magic Bird Fried Chicken

Capital Grill Broadway (DEFENDING CHAMPS)

Capital Grill Roblin

Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery

Smith (NEW for 2021)

Nicolino’s Cucina Italiana 


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