The Oak & Grain

1800 Wellington Avenue

Presented by Chef Mathew Marcalinas

The Titleholder: The Oak & Grainโ€™s Fired Chicken Sliders II
Buttermilk-marinated, signature spice blend, crispy fried Manitoba chicken, rich sweet brioche, truffle aioli, peppery arugula, cinnamon, and clove infused mixed berry compote, and sliced Gala apples.

Kyu Grill

1 Forks Market Road

SSGV Fried Chicken

Presented by Chef Calvin Truong: ULTRA cripsy, hand-battered, deboned skin on fried chicken, dipped in a savory sesame soy glazed vinaigretteย sauce, served with fries, kimchi and spicy mayo.

Summit Cafe

23 Main Street, Stony Mountain, MB

Presented by Carl Dannenberg

Triple C (Caribbean Curry Craze): This burger starts with our special tea brined fried chicken breast, then layered with delicious flavors of Caribbean Curry sauce, Jamaican Papaya chutney and purple cabbage slaw on a toasted brioche bun.